[Grok-doc] TASK: Update About Grok to include mention of ZODB.org

Aroldo Souza-Leite asouzaleite at gmx.de
Thu Feb 25 16:42:06 EST 2010

Hi Sebastian, hi Roger,

what I did:

a) merge bits of the "grok.zope.org/about/evaluate" text into the top text of 
b) create the "Grok's object database" page in "grok.zope.org/about". This page's text includes a link to "http://www.zodb.org"
c) include a link to "zodb.org" in 
d) create the "Learning Grok" page in "grok.zope.org/about", whose text includes a link to the official Grok tutorial. Because the tutorial is mentioned in "grok.zope.org./about/evaluate".
e) RETRACT "grok.zope.org/about/evaluate", which is now private.

Please comment.



Aroldo Souza-Leite wrote:
> Hi Roger,
> Roger Erens wrote:
>> Hello Aroldo,
>> I would like to suggest to choose the content item 'Evaluate Grok' as
>> the default view of the 'About' folder instead of the current
>> 'default' display.
> I agree.
>>  'Evaluate Grok' would need to incorporate in its
>> story the subsections (content items) 'useful libraries' and 'overview
>> of namespaces' like you mention above, and possibly 'downloads' in
>> order to have the same content as the current default display.
>> This would make the website less repetitive with the same information
>> (a la DRY). Adding the reference to zodb.org would then be the cherry
>> on the pie, right?
> This is a bit more work than my job, but I'll try. First, I'll do the 
> minimal job just to make sure I get the Grok star at the end of the 
> week. Then I'll do the rest, if I can get one more star for that.
>> BTW: 'Evaluate Grok' has a setting of not making it show up in the
>> Grok Navigator tree. I don't know if this is or is not what you want
>> it to be.
> I think the problem disappears if the text of "Evaluate Grok" merges 
> into the default text of "about", so that "Evaluate Grok" can get a more 
> specific content to show up in the Navigator or, if is only repetitive,  
> just be deleted. What do you think?
> Cheers,
> Aroldo.
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