[Grok-doc] Updating docs to point to Distribute and how-to build the official Grok docs?

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Thu Apr 28 18:40:51 EDT 2011

I've been training a new person on Grok recently, and they got stuck with
the "install Setuptools" step, because the Setuptools install process is a
bit ... fuddly. I figured since Distribute is more actively maintained and
has clearer install instructions, I'd update the Grok Tutorial to refer to
Distribute over Setuptools. But it's been a while since I've worked on Grok
docs, and I guess the way to generate the Sphinx docs has changed?

I discovered documentation.cfg and ran "./bin/buildout -c documentation.cfg"
to generate ./bin/generate_documentation but this generates documentation
that lacks the Grok theme and the Tutorial isn't there ...

Can anyone tell me how to create these docs correctly? Bonus points if the
Grok README.txt which contains out-dated documentation generation
instructions is updated.

Oh, unless of course there are reasons why Grok still points to Setuptools
vs Distribute beyond no one has gotten around to updating those docs yet ...
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