[Gsoc] Summer of Code Projects

Kenneth Miller xkenneth at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 22:46:17 EDT 2008


      I'm a student at the University of Houston, and extremely  
interested in doing something with either Zope, Plone, or the ZODB.  
I've been working on a  proposal to work on the ZEO RAID server  
improvements, and have posted to this mailing list more than once,  
with little or no attention. I'd love to work on one of these  
projects, but I really need some more information other than the  
project ideas in order to complete a GSOC application that will award  
me a spot. Please, if any mentor is still seeking a prospective  
student, contact me. I'm willing to work on almost any project, I just  
need to know the details of what needs to be accomplished. I'm a  
Computer Engineering Technology student (similar to Electrical  
Engineering) with a strong programming background. Starting in high  
school I start working as a microcontroller (embedded C) programmer,  
and then late last year moved on to take a job as a python developer  
for a start up company. I have experience with quite a few programming  
languages PHP,Perl,C,C++,Python,etc, and am really exciting about the  
technology being developed by the Zope Foundation. Thank you for your  
time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kenneth Miller

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