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Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Wed Apr 2 06:05:12 EDT 2008

Hi Rafael,

Rafael Oliveira wrote:

> On Tue, Apr 1, 2008 at 12:23 PM, Uli Fouquet <uli at gnufix.de> wrote:

> I did the same as you, now there's a link to my application at
> http://wiki.zope.org/gsoc/SummerOfCode2008/

Excellent, thanks!

> >  - Rafael Oliveira proposed a project for browsing the ZODB with a
> >   graphical (wxpython-based) client.
> >
> >   This project seems to focus on the ZODB only (i.e. not on component
> >   registry) and an external client.
> Exactly. I would like to depend only on ZODB. Among other reasons, I
> think ZODB has potential to be more used standalone outside the Zope
> world, on any kind of app. Many projects can benefit from using a
> truly OO DB rather then relational DB + OR mapping tools and I believe
> such a tool can help on that.
> >  - My own proposal is focused on Grok and wants to provide both, a ZODB
> >   browser as well as a component registry browser.
> >  [snip]
> >   Furthermore it wants to provide first simple possibilities to change
> >   values in the ZODB/registry where appropriate.
> This would be a big plus for my proposal, but I avoided it because it
> may be hard to implement on the time frame we have for GSoC.

Yes, indeed. I also included this target only as an optional one. In the
long run, however, it might be something very useful and desirable. It
might be something to keep in mind when designing the library, even if
it is not implemented in the beginning.

> >  Because a well-thought Grok-introspector should examine and display also
> >  things, that are relevant in non-Grok-environments like plain Zope2 or
> >  Plone, a common base library might be helpful.
> >  [snip]
> I must admit I'm a little bit confused about your ideas for the common
> base library. Perhaps it's because I'm a newbie on everything related
> to Zope3 (however I've been working a lot with Zope2 and Python). So,
> if I missed something that can be applied directly to my proposal
> please tell me.

I'm relatively new to it too :-) Sorry, if I was unclear about that. I
think, as long as you keep your code reusable and not too closely tied
to your presentation (external viewer) everything is okay and parts of
your code can become automatically a basis for other browsers that might
utilize another frontend (web-GUI, for example). Well, you said that

> Regarding the overlapping between your project and mine: since
> zodbbrowser has a desktop GUI and Grok-introspector a Web one tied do
> Grok, there's not much we can reuse between the 2 projects on the UI
> side.


>  However, I think the common part would be a library that helps
> one to read data from a ZODB and prepare it for displaying. This
> library would include also things like calculating object sizes and
> searching (I proposed search for objects IDs and/or values for
> zodbbrowser).

Yes, that's what I meant.

> It seems your "common base library" idea is one level above the "zodb
> browser library" I've just described.

Yes, but it seems, that this will make too much confusion. I'd gladly
reuse your ZODB scanning stuff with the Grok introspector if my proposal
should be blessed and would also like to collaborate on this.

> I think if we have the chance to work on these projects we should
> definitely try to work together on something reusable between both
> ZODB browsers.

That would be great :-)

Best regards,


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