[Gsoc] mentors, get off your behinds and comment!

Aroldo Souza-Leite asouzaleite at gmx.de
Mon Apr 7 02:48:19 EDT 2008

Hi mentors,

Christian Theune wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 03, 2008 at 05:38:54PM -0300, Leonardo Rochael Almeida wrote:
>> For those of you, first time mentors, who are a bit lost like I am,
>> here are the specific steps:
> Are we supposed to vote already? One project has a -10 assigned. "My" project
> (zeoraid) still has a 0 as any others.
comments are very important now, but voting isn't. Mentors can vote 
during the student evaluation period, which starts on Wednesday this week.

The -10 on one application actually means "ineligible", that is, will be 
rejected now. The zeoraid project is not in danger of being rejected 
before the end of the student application deadline - I'd rather say it 
has a very good chance of getting through the whole process.

I'm rather in favour of starting the general voting after discussing it 
on the gsoc at zope.org mailinglist under the mentor coordinator's 
moderation. Martijn?



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