[Gsoc] looking for mentors and backup mentors

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Apr 9 12:29:57 EDT 2008

Hi there, mentors,

I just assigned those mentors to project who I know had been working
with students on their proposals from the start, so it the pairing was
already clear. There are still a number of projects left that are
mentor-less, however. If you are willing to mentor a project, please
indicate so in the gsoc application (there's a button). It is of
course wise to start talking to the student in question to see whether
you two can work together well.

In addition, this year we will introduce a "backup mentor" strategy
for our Zope Foundation of code program. That means that we'd like all
projects also be assigned a backup mentor. It means you will be there
for the student in case the primary mentor cannot be there, be cc-ed
on their email flow, track the student checkins, and attend at least a
few online meetings between student and mentor. The main goals are:

* be able to step up as mentor if the student gets stuck for some
reason and the primary mentor for whatever reason cannot help

* allow a third opinion into projects

If you're interested in being a backup mentor for a project (whether
it has a mentor or not), there's no button, but please write a
(private) comment in the gsoc app where you volunteer for this job.
We'll start maintaining a list on a wiki page (I hope Aroldo will help
me here :).



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