[ZDP] More Zope membership site comments

Ross J. Reedstrom reedstrm@wallace.ece.rice.edu
Sat, 14 Aug 1999 18:13:59 -0500

Paul - 
I saw this same behavior (change password, then try to go to my page,
and get cookie login page). 

I finally noticed that the link I'd clicked on
had sent me to 


instead of:


Ah, here's why: I just repeated it. After changing my password, the 
'successfully changed password' page show up. click o.k., end up at:


instead of 


simple as that.  Want to add it to the bug report?


On Sat, Aug 14, 1999 at 12:53:12PM -0400, Paul Everitt wrote:
> Martijn Faassen wrote:
> > * It seems as if pressing a link in this site causes my browser to
> > hang forever. If I then press the link again it tends to slow up
> > very quickly. This is fairly consistent behavior across the site.
> I suspect that it might be these Zope hangups that people have been
> reporting.  I'm trying to make sure I restart it regularly over the
> weekend until the guys get a chance to look at it on Monday.
> > * I changed my password and then went to my personal folder. It came
> > with an authorization error (while I was logged in). I was asked to
> > feed in the password again. Both my new and my old password didn't
> > work. I then left the site entirely (closed browser window) and tried
> > again to log in from the start page. This worked (with new password),
> > and I'm now in my personal folder.
> I'm not surprised that there is a problem here.  Seems the whole idea of
> changing passwords is really hard on the way membership authenticates
> (that is, either cookie or basic).
> I'll file a bug report.
> --Paul
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