[ZDP] Lockup my Zope, please!

Amos Latteier amos@aracnet.com
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 14:57:56 -0700

At 11:32 PM 8/16/99 +0200, Martijn Faassen  wrote:
>Hi there,
>I'm bashing on the site. Currently it appears to be locked up, but this may
>be simply transatlantic lag or something else. Anyway, unrelated from that I
>wanted to note that I figured 'heck, it remembers me anyway' (I checked that
>button, right? what *does* that button do anyway?) and I didn't type in my
>password, and pressed the submit button. I didn't get any failure message,
>it just asked me to login over again, which doesn't seem right. When I did
>type in my password it worked. :)

'Remember me' means remember my name, not my password. That way when you
come back to the site and want to login your name will already be filled in.

>Odd by the way that I can see other people's transactions in the undo
>listing (was there a report on this before? I vaguely recall there was);
>should I be able to do that? When I tried to undo something done by
>Amos (evil me..) it did give an authorization error. And I also saw
>one of those browser authorization popup windows too, but now I can't
>seem to reproduce that.

You should not be able to get to an 'Undo' screen. Though perhaps the undo
form is under the 'View management screens' permission instead of the 'Undo
changes' permission. I'll look into it.


P.S. Thanks for pounding the site, I've experienced some slowness, but no
hanging so far.