[ZDP] Software Product on test site

TFE MMS JARVIS JOHN jarvis.sd082@ex.tel.co.jp
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 22:43:23 +0900

HTML Document and STX Document were showing up in the Software Product 
folders but I just checked and they are gone now.

--John Jarvis

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> Sent:	Tuesday, August 17, 1999 1:50 AM
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> Subject:	Re: [ZDP] Software Product on test site
> At 03:04 PM 8/16/99 +0900, TFE MMS JARVIS JOHN wrote:
> >I've been poking around the test site and tried out the Software
> >Product (among other things ;) I found that, within the software
> >product, Add HTML Document and STX Document lead me back to the login
> >screen and sometimes popup a login dialog.  Entering a password does
> >nothing but I don't get logged out, either so I can just go back to
> >wherever I was.
> >
> >What do HTML Document and STX Document do?
> Nothing that you can't do better with a Formatted Document ;-)
> Seriously, these classes are depricated and should not show up in the
> product add list. Do they only show up in certain areas, or can you always
> see them in the product add list?
> >Are these examples of ZClasses that I keep reading about?
> Yes, in fact almost all the objects you use on the Zope site are ZClasses,
> ie How-Tos, Product Distributions, Links, etc.
> >This stuff is looking really great!
> Thanks!
> -Amos