[ZDP] Bending Structured Text to My Will

Miller, John M. jmiller1@uop.com
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 12:37:51 -0500


As a test of the looking-to-be-very-cool preview of ZPT I snarfed the
Structured Text documentation from its respective python source file and
inserted it into a Structured Text document on my member page
(http://www.zope.org:18200/Members/millejoh/structuredText/).  Structured
Text is very intuitive, but I find myself forgetting details more often than
I like so I though it might be useful having documentation in a fairly
accessible place.

With a keen sense of irony and a desire to do as little typing as possible
I'm storing the help doc as structured text.
Now, it's a testament to ST that the doc moves with almost no need for
additional enhancements, however I am having a maddeningly difficult problem
with the following segment:

  - Text encoded by double quotes followed by a colon, a URL, and concluded
  by punctuation plus white space, *or* just white space, is treated as a
  hyper link. For example:
     "Zope":http://www.zope.org/ is ...

     Is interpreted as '<a href="http://www.zope.org/">Zope</a> is ....'<br>
     Note: This works for relative as well as absolute URLs.

No amount of cajoling on my part will get the "Zope":http://www.zope.org/
bit to appear as is.  I've tried several permutations of surrounding the
text with single quotes.  I've even tried surrounding the text with
<code></code>.  All to no avail.  Any suggestions, anyone.  Pretty please?


P.S.  Now if I can just find the new dtml syntax e-mails, write-up my meager
experience with ZSQL, and find the little known howto on "How Zope can Make
One More Attractive to the Opposite Sex"  (*ahem*) then I might actually be
able to give something _back_ to the uber-cool Zope community....