[ZDP] Goals for ZDP?

Rik Hoekstra hoekstra@fswrul.fsw.leidenuniv.nl
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 09:49:16 +0200

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> Subject: [ZDP] Goals for ZDP?
> Hey guys,
> Before we can gather requirements, we have to define the goals
> for the Zope
> Documentation project. Please send me some goals you try to achieve with
> ZDP.
> thanks a lot,
> stephan

Chiming in a little late I guess. We have been discussing much of what the
goals for ZDP would be. It would be a waste of time to do that over again I
think. Part of it is on the metadoc section at ZDP. THere has also been an
effort to make some master organization of the documentation. Part of it may
be on the ZDP site I think, and part is in the list archives. I would
suggest to take these as starting points. They may be on the wrong trach as
someone suggested, but then please amend it. Otherwise the discussion about
documentation will become as little focussed as the documents themselves -
the biggest problem with a voluteer effort anyway...

just my Hfl 0.02 :-)

Rik Hoekstra