[ZDP] Announcement: Requirements, Active Members and Process

Stephan Richter SRichter@ixl.com
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 19:38:26 -0500

Good morning, afternoon and evening all you Zopsters around the world!

WOW, after today's posting that I need more requirement entries, five more
people (whose names you can see at my Zope page) send me requirements. Very
cool. The requirements XML file is filling up now. BUT WE STILL NEED MORE! So
do not be shy and send you requirements. It is a democracy, so use it and vote. :)

I created also an Active Member List that will have a list of all the people
who want to join the effort to write the Documentation Tools with the rest of
us. Some of you mailed me already that you would be interested. Please check
out my Zope site and see what I need from you to create a Member entry. 
Note: I published the XML file, so you can easiely get the format now. ;-)
(Martijn, sorry I used your name, but I needed another entry for testing my
code. :) )

I will try to keep track of some general news from the mailing list and other
activities. Whenever you have something to add just e-mail me your request.
Yes Martijn, I will put the news in a XML file tomorrow. :) --> I just did not
think it would be such a big deal.

The last thing I did today was writing an XML file that will keep track of our
process, project plan, milestones and tasks. It has not many entries yet, but
the framework is there. I believe strongly in the Rational Unified Process, so
you will see many parallels to it. I adjusted RUP a little to fit in our
community model though.

Stephan Richter
iXL - Software Designer and Engineer