[ZDP] programmer's guide link needed

Simon Michael simon@joyful.com
19 Aug 1999 19:50:54 -0700

Stephan Richter <SRichter@ixl.com> writes:
> Michael, if you have any requirements for the new documentation tools FAQ,
> Reference Manual, How-Tos and so on, please send them to me in the specified
> XML format.

Thank you for doing that Stephan. Please don't take this as lack of
interest, but..

the truth is I don't want to learn, and squash my thoughts into, yet
another special-purpose data format. I could use your format now but
when I come back in 3 months I'll have forgotten and this will kill my
enthusiasm for making a quick contribution. It's already happened

Right now I have a goal of simplifying my work life by managing
complexity - cutting it down to the necessary minimum and not one iota
more. Life is too short!!!

In that light, here would be my main requirement:

* contributing to the ZDP should be a "no-brainer"

  Eg: someone shows up and tries zope, not a member of any mailing
  list, never heard of XML, but they see a typo in the help page - it
  should be possible for that person to immediately fix or at least
  report the problem if they so choose. Possible, easy and obvious.

  Eg: we might build a simple web form, linked to every ZDP page,
  which accepts their input and takes care of xml formatting and
  sending it to the right place.

None of this is to negate the importance and value of the structured
methods, the beautiful, powerful, complex tools - both should be
available. </rant>

That's why I'm loving the wiki concept. You all may think I'm mad :),
but I'm besotted and can hardly bear to write in anything else. You
just can't beat easily-edited hypertext for rapidly generating and
transferring a lot of information, IMHO. I'd love to see a
(zope-based) ZDPwiki complementing the other docs.

Comments welcome. YMMV-ly-yrs,