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kamon.ayeva@bureauveritas.com kamon.ayeva@bureauveritas.com
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 10:28:30 +0200

Do you intend to have platform specific didactic information like:
- Zope integration with Apache
- Zope integration with IIS
- Zope integration with Netscape
in the HOWTO format, within the Zope Administrator's Guide or in the FAQ

To go in Martijn direction...
[[Perhaps the FAQ can become a kind of gateway into further Zope
documentation (references, guides, HOWTOs,tutorials, examples), and also at
times a quick summary of things. An active FAQ is the kind of thing that
can respond to changing documentation demands the most quickly.]]
...I think the FAQ will be the good entry point for this kind of specific
configuration docs, before being then included in the Zope Admin Guide
after several additions/updates.

Kamon Ayeva