[ZDP] RE: ZOPE Wiki and Ward Cunningham...

Jim Salmons salmons@sohodojo.com
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 09:45:18 -0400

Anthony Pfrunder wrote:

>> PS: I'm no longer on Zope due to mail volume

	Anthony, did you try the digest option? Only a couple deliveries a day,
maddeningly long sometimes, but far easier than the barrage of individual
options... That's what I did after having the same experience you describe
and it is tolerable... well almost...


	I am old buds with Ward Cunningham, father of Wiki. I will be communicating
with him shortly about our mutual interest in role-based executable business
model frameworks and such at http://sohodojo.com.

	Ward and I are Smalltalkers at heart, but Smalltalk has run its course. I
moved over to Python rather than Java. Most Smalltalkers got sucked into
Java. Too bad for us... but that is another story.

	Anyway, I want to introduce Ward to ZOPE, Python and what we are up to with
RB-EBM at the dojo. But I am sure he would be interested in a ZOPE
implementation of his Wiki ideas. (Might even be a good way to suck him into
active participation.)

	Please drop me a note with a brief description with embedded links that
would be suitable as an abstract of what you are doing Wiki-wise and I'll
include it in my communication to him.

	Ward is one of a small handful of folks who ARE object technology gurus.
Many folks think they get objects, few do really. He and Kent Beck (another
friend and Smalltalking Object God target for ZOPE introduction) invented
the CRC technique and both are big in patterns as a means of capturing
programming idioms and best practices.

	After we get Ward hooked, we can shoot for Kent...

	Later, and thanks for any help pulling together a 'ZOPE does Wiki'
communication to Ward Cunningham.


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