[ZDP] Quick Reference Update

Martijn Faassen faassen@vet.uu.nl
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 12:57:00 +0200

David Kankiewicz wrote:
> I've picked up the Quick Reference to try and help out Evelyn Mitchell with
> the formatting, inputting it into Zope, and updating it.


> here's a link to the original post:
> http://www.zope.org/pipermail/zdp/1999-August/000547.html
> I've been thinking about XML and inputting it into a Zope tree, but before
> I do wanted to ask what would be most useful?

Alternatively you could try the XML Document (you can find it on the ZPT
beta site).

> Are there any suggestions for formatting or additional features that I
> should take into account when creating the Zope tree?

Both I and Stephan Richter know how to do formatting with XML Document;
I can send you an example .zexp if you'd like.