[ZDP] Rendering for Quick Reference XML

Stephan Richter SRichter@ixl.com
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 15:34:05 -0500

> Hm, the HTML output is starting to take a lot of time, this may be a
> future concern with XML. We'll have to go look at XSL sometime to see if
> that can be made faster. Amos, are you listening? What are your/DC's
> ideas about integrating XSL with Zope?
I agree. It's a 57K XML file. You wrote Jason about the XML parser for Python?
Maybe we can use it for the XSL support.

Martijn I also went away from using objectValues. I solved everything with the
standard DOM methods (i hope they are all DOM methods) GetChildNodes,
GetNodeType and GetNodeName. That allows a more flexible and consistent
rendering. ;)

Stephan Richter
iXL - Software Designer and Engineer