[ZDP] reminder

David Kankiewicz kankie@thegrid.net
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 18:54:26 -0700

Tom Deprez wrote:
> Hi,
> Just to tell you that I didn't forgot my task for ZDP! I only didn't had
> time to do it. Tomorrow (Thursday evening) I'll try to finish it and send it
> to you all for correcting my mistakes.
> ps. Where can you download the XML product?

The most up to date version is on the CVS server, checkout
Products/DC/XMLDocument    instead of Zope2, follow the normal

The packaged one is out of date (unless someone updated it?), I was
trying out the file zamldemo.zexp and couldn't get it to work, so I went
looking for updates. CVS'ed the latest and all is well.

My only problem with XML is the apparent size of the imported XML file,
it seems to be about 10 times the size (Look at the size of the database
before and after creating a large XML Document (only tried one), don't
look at the management interface file size).

David Kankiewicz

> Regards, Tom.
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