[ZDP] oops

David Kankiewicz kankie@thegrid.net
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 23:32:10 -0700

At 01:33 AM 8/27/99 +0200, you wrote:
>Forgot one task! Most important next to stylebook

Can you give me some ideas about what the stylebook would be? 

>[0] The way how data will be stored needs to be determined! Will we use
>Relationale database, XML, ... or a combination?

XML is interesting but I have my doubts about anything large? if not done
right, it might not be the best...
All though it would mean a very convenient conversion into other formats.
And if you kept it in a simple structure, I would be for using XML.  I have
yet to play with appending nodes with DTML. (I can think of some very easy
ways to make it work.)  I'll try that out as soon as I can get some more
updates into ZQR, Zope Quick Reference.

We really need something working. (I'll test/try XML out and tell you if a
novice can get some of the simple things to work :)


>Of course, I haven't said anything about how questions, how-to, tutorials
>etc can be added (only viewed). Naturally, this has to be created to!
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