[ZDP] Start Implementation of ZDP

Tom Deprez tom.deprez@uz.kuleuven.ac.be
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 12:03:14 +0200


So, we all (they who didn't spoke, please do now!) think that ZClasses are
the kernel of ZDP.

Other point is that the user must have the ability to view these ZClasses
in their preferable way. Preferable all posibilities, but we can start for

So I think following points need to be discussed and decided (as soon as
possible!) before the implementation can start :

1. Defining the Classes 
     Example see résumé e-mail from 26/08
2. Defining the format Outputs
     Let's first decide what the initial one will be! HTML? Or is XML
already possible? (I don't think cause XML has to be transformed back to
HTML to view it through a browser, correct?)
     Later on, others can be created, by 'just' adding a new method to the
class which will render the class differently. 

3. Defining the Style book
     With this we mean that we devide a sort of CSS, XSL sheet. This
style-book will be used through the whole site. This means that when we
want to change the look  of ZDP, we only have to change this CSS or other
thing which defines the ZDP-Style