[ZDP] Start Implementation of ZDP

Tom Deprez tom.deprez@uz.kuleuven.ac.be
Tue, 31 Aug 1999 15:41:20 +0200


I was intending to make this evening (hope I find some time) the 'how ZDP
will' look document. This would include a textual description and a
possibly (don't know yet) jpeg file as layout)...

Regards, Tom.

><snip a great deal of dat stuff ...>
>> Now, what comes next? Stephan?
>The next thing is to create Use Cases from the requirements. There should
be no
>new requirements entering the arena at this time. We should stick with
what we
>have and go with it. I think could be done in Rational Rose, Visio or in a
>simple drawing program. Somebody should collect them and find a way to
>them on the web. I have all three of these softwares so I could do it.
>Parallel to the Use Cases someone should start writing the High-Level Design
>preferably in HTML, so we can easily publish it on the web.
>Any volunteers?
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