[ZDP] RE: [Zope-dev] Programmatically accessing Z SQL Methods

Martijn Pieters mj@antraciet.nl
Fri, 05 Mar 1999 15:47:04 +0100

At 14:21 05/03/99 , Paul Everitt wrote:
>As you guys start moving over the ground of filling in the gaping holes
>in the Zope docs, you'll come up with things you can answer and things
>you can't.  The lack of a Product API reference doc is a perfect

My answer to questions without obvious answers is to get out the tools and
look under the hood.

>I propose that you guys go ahead an collect the questions and then once
>a week I'll get some time from the folks here to answer the questions.

Sounds very fine to me. We'll have to set up facilities so it is possible
to query the current FAQ database (we have to set up a database... Pavlos
effort is a good start) for unaswered questions.

When looking under the hood I might misinterpret things a bit (see my
progress on the Principia Draft...). I would like it if you guys went over
the new entries for that week and correct any glaring mistakes we might
make. Again, the facilities should be there to ask the FAQ DB for entries
added/modified recently.

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