[ZDP] Digicool's Q & A

Simon Michael simon@joyful.com
08 Mar 1999 16:25:49 -0800

Already, it rocks. Thank you Martijn & everyone for kicking this off
so well. I really like the use of structured text, makes it very easy
to contribute.

Here's something I haven't seen mentioned: how should the ZDP faq
relate to the Q & A on zope.org ? There's a lot of good categorized
answers there, basic & advanced, and already some overlap with the new

Include it ? Mention it ? I personally would like one huge faq of
course, but if the latter here's a start. Better answers welcome.

Category: Resources, About this FAQ

* Are there other Zope-related FAQs ?
    Here's one: "Zope Questions and Answers" at

* What's the difference between this FAQ and "Zope Questions and Answers" at zope.org ?
    The Questions and Answers is maintained by Digicool and if you're
    brand new to Zope you should probably look at this one first. This
    FAQ is maintained collaboratively by the Zope Documentation
    Project and growing fast. Both are well worth reading.

Another question: is there any reason to use [ZDP] in subjects now
that we have a separate mailing list ?