[ZDP] Digicool's Q & A

Martijn Faassen M.Faassen@vet.uu.nl
Tue, 09 Mar 1999 13:04:53 +0100

Paul Everitt wrote:
> Simon wrote:
> > Here's something I haven't seen mentioned: how should the ZDP faq
> > relate to the Q & A on zope.org ? There's a lot of good categorized
> > answers there, basic & advanced, and already some overlap with the new
> > faq.
> As the guy that wrote it, I suggest merging it into the FAQ.

Great! Thank you for your contributions to the ZPD FAQ. :)

> I propose that the FAQ be structured by "package", similar to the way
> I've structured it in the Q&A.  This will allow the FAQ to easily add
> sections (and turn the maintenance over to others) for packages such as
> MySQLDA, PostgresDA, TinyTables, Confera, etc.

Hm, while this is mainly a good idea, some of the FAQ sections that have
been emerging here don't seem to match them entirely. Most prominently,
there seem to be emerging an 'External Methods' and a 'DTML' section.  
> The *one* area than needs an FAQ more than any other is Apache
> integration.  Michel Pelletier here has been putting one together but
> with the intention of pulling in others to help.

Right; I could see Apache integration (and generally web server
integration) is worth a FAQ section of its own. I haven't worked on it
myself yet, as I have only done a single Zope/Apache integration myself.
I therefore know about some of the issues involved, but I'm probably not
expert enough to generate a good FAQ by myself. I can definitely offer
some help editing though (and helping point out any remaining parts that
seem unclear).

> Apache questions
> probably tie DTML questions for frequency on the list.
> Just my 0.02...what can I do to help on getting the Q&A merged?

Do you have a Structured Text version of the Q&A by any chance? If so
post it to this list or send it directly to me; I'll try to hack & slash
it around for inclusion of the FAQ.

Does anybody have any opinions on how to post the FAQ sections to the
list? I'm starting to break the FAQ into sections. Would it be
preferable if I posted these in one large document, or several smaller
ones? I'm tending towards the latter, as I'm breaking them up into
separate files anyway, now.

Perhaps when the ZDP website is up (especially with somekind of FAQ tool
on it) only a reminder of the FAQ is enough for posting; right now I'll
keep using the list to keep momentum.