[ZDP] FAQ Tool Working Group

Robert OConnor rocon@pivot.net
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 11:11:00 -0500

Hi Martijn,

>My intention is to start a FAQ tool working group;...

>* Lots of different output formats; Structured Text and HTML perhaps
>initially, later on Docbook SGML or possibly a FAQ SGML format about
>there was some discussion, as well. The SGML can then be translated into
>lots of stuff. Easy downloads of all these outputs.

I don't know much about SGML or XML but from:

"20 Questions on XML"

it seems that XML is more web oriented:

"...However, XML is less complex than SGML, and 
it's designed to work across a limited-bandwidth 
network such as the Internet. " ...
"Unlike HTML and XML, SGML will probably never gain 
widespread acceptance on the Internet, simply because 
it was never designed or optimized for the demands of 
a network protocol. For high-end, highly structured 
publishing applications, SGML will continue to fit the bill. ..."

Is there a version of Docbook that is XML?

I am "speaking" with little SGML and XML experience
but I'm willing to learn...

-bobo connor  bob@rocnet.com