[ZDP] FAQ 0.2 - About this FAQ

Martijn Faassen M.Faassen@vet.uu.nl
Tue, 09 Mar 1999 19:33:44 +0100

Zope FAQ 0.2 - About this FAQ and the Zope Documention Project

* What is this FAQ?

    This FAQ is a project of the Zope Documentation Project, and aims
    to answer any (or at least lost) questions you might have about
    Zope and how to use it.

* What is the Zope Documentation Project?

    The Zope Documentation Project (ZDP) is a community project of
    Zope users that aims to create documentation for Zope. The first
    goal of the ZDP is the creation and maintenance of an extensive
    Zope FAQ, later on other documentation will follow.

    We welcome everybody to contribute; for instance by sending in
    questions and answers for the FAQ.

* Where is the rest of this FAQ? 

    The Zope FAQ has been split into separate sections. If you are
    reading this on the ZDP mailing list, you should see the other
    documents posted as well.

    If you are reading this on zope@zope.org or zope-dev@zope.org, you
    will only see this message. The Zope FAQ is under development. It
    is probably already useful, but because I don't want to spam
    everybody you will have to look at the ZDP list to see the rest of
    the FAQ. Everyone is very welcome to join the ZDP list. 

    You can also wait until the ZDP has its web infrastructure going
    and the FAQ is published on the web. This will hopefully be very
    soon; we're working on it.

* How do I contribute?

    The Zope Documentation Project has its own mailing list
    (zdp@zope.org). You are encouraged to use this list for all ZDP
    related communications. Please do not send your messages (such as
    FAQ contributions) to Martijn Faassen (the current FAQ maintainer)
    if your message can be sent to the mailing list instead.

* How do I join the ZDP mailing list?

    You can subscribe to the ZDP mailing list by using the page::


    Thanks in advance for your contributions!

* Are there other Zope-related FAQs?

    Yes, there is the "Zope Questions and Answers" at::


    This is maintained by Digital Creations; currently it is the best
    place to look if you are brand new to Zope.

    That said, Paul Everitt of Digital Creations has kindly
    contributed the Zope Questions and Answers to the ZDP (or vice
    versa; the ZDP is contributing to the Q&A). The ZDP plans to merge
    the two FAQs shortly.

* What is Structured Text and what does it have to do with this FAQ?

    The FAQ is (currently) written in Structured Text, so you may very
    well reading the FAQ in Structured Text format (the double colons
    and the indented paragraph structure give it away). If you are
    just reading this FAQ you shouldn't worry about it. 

    If you plan to contribute to the ZDP we'd prefer it if your
    contributions were written in Structured Text, however. For more
    information see the Structured Text section of this FAQ.

* What are these FIXME comments I see scattered through the FAQ?

    If you are reading the ZDP mailing list or its archives, then it
    is the FAQ's editor (or possibly a contributor) who is not
    entirely sure about some details on Zope, and is asking people on
    the list to help figure it out.

    If you are reading this FAQ somewhere else, then oops, they don't
    belong there. Please send a message to the zdp@zope.org list
    telling us about it, and thanks!

* What other sections does this FAQ have?

  We currently have sections on:
      o DTML
      o Zope Administration

      o Structured Text
      o External Methods
      o Builtin Products

      o Product Development