[ZDP] garros FAQ fails with IE4, OK with NS4.5

Martijn Pieters mj@atmm.nl
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 12:49:47 +0100

At 12:01 10/03/99 , Robert OConnor wrote:
>> More info can be found in the FAQ (a work in progress from the Zope
>>Documentation Project, aka ZDP). A online version can be found at
>I have tried over the past couple of days to access the
>above URL and it failed with IE4:
>"An internal error has occurred in the windows
>internet extensions."  <--I didn't look closely at this
>message which contains the word "Windows" :-)
>Loading URL on Netscape 4.5 on same Win98 machine: 
>Works fine.

I know for a fact that gaaros.com runs on ZServer (The returned headers
have a Server: Medusa/1.4 line) so I think this is the well know 'chunking'
bug... Pavlos might want to turn it off.

I use IE5 beta 2 and have no problems, but then agian, I am behind a

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