[ZDP] The FAQ and the donkey

Pavlos Christoforou pavlos@gaaros.msrc.sunysb.edu
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 14:14:10 -0500 (EST)

(Warning: this is long!)


Just had a chance to read the postings. Thanks for all the suggestions
and let me clarify a few things.

The official FAQ maintainer is Martijn Faassen not me. He was the
unlucky one who offered ;-)

The gaaros site is experimental and it runs on ZServer. I thought it would
be a good idea to run it on ZServer so we can 'debug' ZServer as well. I
vaguely remember a post about a problem with ZServer and IE. Can anyone point me to it
so I can make the neccessary changes?

On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Martijn Faassen wrote:

> Hi there,
> I'm a bit confused about your FAQ website right now. It looks like in
> part you fed in FAQ 0.2, but for instance 'FAQ related' is still the
> previous FAQ, it seems.

No I haven't actually fed the whole FAQ 2.0 yet.

> I've also had some trouble loading pages; it seems I need to press
> 'stop' or 'reload' to get a page to load fully; it otherwise takes
> forever to load. The arrow is still broken, too. What kind of webserver
> are you using?

I really do not know what the problem is, I suspect it relates to
ZServer. Anyone any ideas?

> A comment about the 'Sections' list in the sidebar; it is in
> alphabetical order, but for a FAQ this doesn't always make sense. For
> instance, it'd be useful to have the 'FAQ related' section to come
> first.

That's true.

> How would one go about installing this on another website? Is it a
> product, set of external methods, or how does it work?

It is set of DTML scripts and one external method, the xml parser. It
will be really simple to install on zdp when the proper arrangements
and bug fixes are made.

On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Robert OConnor wrote:

> I have tried over the past couple of days to access the
> above URL and it failed with IE4:
> "An internal error has occurred in the windows
> internet extensions."  <--I didn't look closely at this

I believe it relates to ZServer. I will try to fix everything tonight.

On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Martijn Pieters wrote:

>I know for a fact that gaaros.com runs on ZServer (The returned headers
> have a Server: Medusa/1.4 line) so I think this is the well know 'chunking'
> bug... Pavlos might want to turn it off.

Thanks Martijn

Should I disable it in medusa/http_server.py?

On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Robert OConnor wrote:
> Hi Martijn,
> I just uploaded this faq and it didn't quite work
> as I had intended (See end of below link)
> http://www.gaaros.com:9673/FAQ/S49676594
> I added the following what I though was structured
> text:

Reading the text you submitted, I think enclosing the answer in a
[!CDATA[...]]> section is a good idea. Don't worry about it though. I
will do it. Otherwise I need to change the DTD becasue I have not
considered the possibility of submitting questions in
structure-text. Again I will do so tonight.

On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Martijn Faassen wrote:

> Hi there,
> I just wanted to mention that http://www.gaaros.com:9673/FAQ/ is not the
> 'official FAQ site' currently. It's a site under development. The
> intention is that the 'official ZDP FAQ' site (this'll be zdp.zope.org)
> will use the stuff from Pavlos on garoos as soon as it's sufficiently
> developed. (right Pavlos?)

That's true. And if you want to go ahead with Amos FAQ product there
is no problem again. Since I posted long time ago that Zope needs a
FAQ I thought I should do something about it, in the spirit of open
source, and not just provide suggestions for other people.

Again the official FAQ maintainer is Martijn Faassen. To him you
should address any specific questions/suggestions about the FAQ. I am
just helping and I hope to provide a good FAQ producct that can be
used with Zope.

> Therefore, feel free to upload FAQ to gaaros for site testing and
> debugging purposes, but please send your FAQ contributions to the list
> if you want me to add them to the actual FAQ, which I'm still
> maintaining independently. I hope to make the transition to Pavlos' FAQ
> tool soon (we need a name for it if there isn't one yet :), but it's not
> quite there yet.

No it is definitely not, but today thanks to all of you I have received
plenty of good suggestions :-)

Butch Landingin wrote:

[Martijn Pieters points to FAQ]

> Thanks. That solved my problem.


On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Martijn Faassen wrote:

> Hi there,
> There's now an official ZDP website, at zdp.zope.org. It's not much yet,
> but we're working on it. The intention is to put up Pavlos' CoFAQ tool
> (which is short Collaborative FAQ, per Ken Manheimer's suggestion, is
> this an idea Pavlos?) up there soon.

CoFAQ eh? Hmm... not bad at all. I wish collaborative was spelled
coolaborative. Then we could have CoolFAQ!

Ok to summarize:

Every entry in the FAQ, questions, answers and comments need a
timestamp. Questions will include author and email info. Should I
include those for answers and comments too?

Sections should appear in a specified order. Right now the side bar is
generated automatically and the sections correspond to the titles of
the section folders. If we hardcode those then we will loose
this functionality. (I have implemented both versions anyway.)

Questions should accept the structured-text format.

Anything else?

Thanks a lot to all who have provided suggestions