[ZDP] Zope FAQ 0.2.1 and zdp.zope.org

Martijn Faassen M.Faassen@vet.uu.nl
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 19:55:54 +0100

Zopists, Zope-hackers, Zopineers and Zopistas,

The ZDP is pleased to announce the creation of the zdp.zope.org website.
Thanks to Brian Brown of BW Group for generously providing Zope space
for the ZDP! Also thank you to the wonderful people at Digital Creations
for their support. So go ahead and visit us at:


Please note that zdp.zope.org is very much a work in progress, and so is
the Zope FAQ (currently at revision 0.2.1). Still, we've come a long way
in barely two weeks time! The FAQ appears to be already useful to some
people, which is very good to know.

The ZDP and the Zope FAQ eagerly await your contributions, by the way.
So run and join the ZDP mailing list!

My apologies to the people who may have heard this before. :)