[ZDP] Re: [Zope] object modification date - how ?

Christopher Petrilli petrilli@amber.org
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 16:47:52 -0500

On Mon, Mar 15, 1999 at 04:50:21PM -0500, Ken Manheimer wrote:
> > Okay, I'll add it. This raises the interesting question which section
> > this belongs in, though (DTML? External Methods? Built-in products?).
> My
> > categorization seems to be breaking down. General point to discuss for
> > the ZDP:
> I don't know if this fits into the scheme that you all are heading
> towards, but i have to say - hierarchies are good for views into data,
> but not for the underlying data organization.  True hierarchical data
> structures are too limited - you can't have stuff situated in multiple
> places.  I'd expect it better to go with something like sets of keywords
> for identifying where an item belongs in the hierarchy, and use a preset
> hierarchy to organize the presentation.

I agree with Ken here, why shouldn't some questions appear in mutliple
sections?  Some DTML questions might also be SQLMethod questions, or
Image questions.  If you label the question with a set of keywords, then
you can automatically include it in multiple sections.

Obviously this breaks the current XML structure :-) But what else am I
here for but to make everyon'es life difficult.

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