[ZDP] Re: zope documentation

Martijn Faassen M.Faassen@vet.uu.nl
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 10:48:21 +0100

Quinn Dunkan wrote:
> And the majority of the list postings are from people named Martijn...

This is just a pure innocent coincidence..

> this
> must be some sort of netherlands conspiracy... I always thought there was
> something fishy about the netherlands.  There's no country on the map named
> "Netherlands"... and no one seems to know exactly where it is!

Why, I'm so surprised! It's right here!

> And no honest,
> god-fearing country would have such an ominous name.  I've got my eye on you,
> mister, you won't get far with your little plot, whatever it is.

But I'm on *your* side...
> When Zope takes over the world, you'll be there in the background controlling
> the documentation, and Guido controlling the language, and your faithful
> mechanical servant, the Tim-bot duplicated a million times and spreading
> pythonnic propaganda into the minds of the world's citizens...  An evil
> trinity rising in power after the Millenium Apocalypse, the surviving remnants
> of civilization living in terror under the Shadow Of The Snake... 

By boss yesterday proposed I start this Temple of the Snake; I've been
evangelizing the use of Python here at work. He proposed a virtual snake
temple, where people who have sinned can go for confession, for instance
those developing using Perl or Frontpage. In the first case a "promise
to improve yourself" would be enough, but in the second case we'd need
to drive out the demon (low level format, linux therapy). 

I asked him if I could use web space for that here. :)

> And
> daylight savings time... who d'you think they're saving it for?  The
> netherlands!  They're stealing good, honest American hours, hours in which we
> could be eating baseballs and throwing apple pies, and selling them to a bunch
> of mysterious netherlanders so Guido can power his time machine!  It's all
> falling into place now...

But I'm completely, utterly innocent-- okay, I give up. Martijn, he
knows too much. Let's power up the spare time machine and alter history
around a little.
> uh... sorry about that...

Too late now! Muhahahah! :)
[snip link to howto]

Okay, I'll go read it and add a link. Another option would be me giving
you Zope management access to a folder at zdp.zope.org, so you could put
it there. Would that be interesting/useful to you?