[ZDP] Volunteers to do some document migration?

Ken Manheimer klm@digicool.com
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 14:14:36 -0500

Here at digital creations we have some old bobo docs, particularly
concerning the persistent object system and also DTML, that are just
yearning to be converted to zope.  Problem is, nobody here has had the
time to do the conversion, and i'm not sure we will any time soon.  It
occurred to me to wonder if anyone out there might find it in their
interest to do the revisions, and feed them back to us?

As i understand it, the changes are not deep - changing "bobo" to
"zope", and doing some sanity checking to make sure the result makes
sense.  (Jim says he'd emphasize avoiding changing of "__getattr__" and
"__setattr__" in persistent objects, as well.)  Anyone out there
thrashing around on those subjects, with enough incentive to thrash on
the old docs, instead - or just willing to pick up some deeper
knowledge, and massage the info along the way?  Let me know if you're
interested - we can make arrangments...