[ZDP] Is there a plan for ZDP?

Martijn Pieters mj@antraciet.nl
Thu, 06 May 1999 09:24:24 +0200

At 04:47 06/05/99 , Craig Allen wrote:
>I know folks are excited about building CoolFAQ, but what about other
>content and presentation methods?
>Looks like DC is pretty busy building stuff and preparing for the big
>2.0 debut, maybe documentation is not their highest priority.  But I've
>found myself spending a lot of time trying to get beyond the basics
>without good documentation.  I have some time and talent for
>documentation, but don't want to write something that may be duplicating
>what someone else is doing.  Besides, my knowledge is limited, so I'd
>need to work with others.  One thing I have done is glean various
>snippets of code and text from some of the mailing list messages, but it
>would require annotation to make it user friendly.
>Is there an outline of the 'documentation architecture' for Zope?  Does
>anyone else think there should be?

No, an outline is indeed lacking here. Here is my overview of current workings:

Right now, I am trying to make time for finally finishing the DTML Tag 

Martijn Faassen does the FAQ collecting.

Rik Hoekstra has written a TODO for the CoolFaq.

Pavlos Christoforou has written an XML based FAQ tool, which is poised to 
be the basis of a CoolFaq product.

As Martijn Faassen said:  The first goal is to get a simple FAQ going. 
Other things will come later.

I think it is time however to make an inventory of what we want to achieve. 
At a glance, we will certainly need a bunch of reference documents, which 
then can be the basis for tutorials and HOWTO's.

Areas to focus on:
- DTML Tags
- Objects accessible from DTML.
- Products
- Internals (interfaces)

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