[ZDP] Is there a plan for ZDP?

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> Subject: [ZDP] Is there a plan for ZDP?
> I know folks are excited about building CoolFAQ, but what about other
> content and presentation methods?
> Looks like DC is pretty busy building stuff and preparing for the big
> 2.0 debut, maybe documentation is not their highest priority. 
>  But I've
> found myself spending a lot of time trying to get beyond the basics
> without good documentation.  I have some time and talent for
> documentation, but don't want to write something that may be 
> duplicating
> what someone else is doing.  Besides, my knowledge is limited, so I'd
> need to work with others.  One thing I have done is glean various
> snippets of code and text from some of the mailing list 
> messages, but it
> would require annotation to make it user friendly.
> Is there an outline of the 'documentation architecture' for 
> Zope?  Does
> anyone else think there should be?

Here is the outline for 'The Zen of Zope' which is a top secret project
whose headquarters is located in my apartment.  *s are completed
sections, numbers after sections are estimated effort from 1 to 10.

The Zen of Zope


  Part I  - The Zen of Zope * (simple, simple, simple!)

    Zen Level 0 - Understanding the Zen of Zope *

    Zen Level 0.1 - Understanding Objects *

      Basics of  Object Orientation - 2

        Explain why OO is useful in a general way for many computing
        models, introduce (very) simple UML diagrams that will be used 
        to aid the reader througout the book, and explain the
        data+code OO abstraction.

    Zen Level 0.2 - Zope Objects

      Folder Objects *

      DTML Documents - 2

        Introduce simple tags, show how tags interact with the simple
        structure created so far.

      File Objects - 1

        Explain files, use simple distirbution of a groups common
        database file as an example.

      Image Objects - 1

        Explain images and how they are specialzed files, use company
        logo example.

    Zen Level 0.3 - Objects and Methods

      The special object, index_html - 3

        Show how a folder can have a default object if named
        index_html, and how a DTML Method can act as a folders default 

      Objects and URLs - 3

        Explain traversal, and how URL paths correlate to objects in
        the tree.

      How Zope calls object methods - 3

        Explain how all web traversals eventually end in a method call.

      Getting input from the User - 2

        Give image upload example to show how forms interact with
        methods.  Introduce REQUEST

      DTML Methods - 3

        More detail on DTML methods and how they can call each other
        and be used for simple actions and processing.  Show off a bit 
        more DTML techniques.

    Zen Level 0.4  Objects and Properties

      Managing Properties - 1

        Overview property screen, explain different types.

      Using Properties in DTML - 2

        Simple sidebar example

    Zen Level 0.5 - Acquisition

      Factoring common components - 3

        Introduce using acquisition to create reausable site structure

      The Theory of Acquisition *

      DTML Methods vs. DTML Documents - 3

        and how they effect what gets acquired. (object perspective)

    Zen Level 0.6 - External Methods

      Extending Zope in unique ways - 5

	Create methods to record form input in a file

      Interfacing legacy systems - 5

        Using external methods to work with .dbm files.

    Zen Level 0.7 - SQL

      Database Adapters - 2

	Abstracting your data source with adapters.  Example with MySQL

      SQL Methods - 4

        Making an SQL operation a method.  Customer database example

    Zen Level 0.8 - Products

      Creating Products Through the Web - 5

        The Product Management interface

      "The Lever" - 5

        Creating simple products and 'pulling the lever'.  Example
        simple poll product

      Distributing Your Product

        Creating distributions and what they contain.

    Zen Level 0.9 - ZClasses

      Making your own Objects - 8

        The Product Managment interface and adding ZClasses to Products

      The theory of ZClasses - 8

        How Products can define their own classes through the web.

      ZClasses vs. low level Python Programming - 7

        How ZClasses map to Python classes when compared in the 'Old'
        vs. the 'New' Product context.

      Distributing ZClass based Products - 5

        Distributing your Product

    Zen Level 1.0 - Enlightenment

      The Python underneath it all - 5

        Short essay on the source code.

      Where to find the source to common components - 5

        Source code map.

      The Digital Creations Style - 6

        How we typicaly extend Zope in Python (like we have any idea)

      The Way of the Zope Zen Master - 3

        Giving back to the community, and being a good teacher.

  Part II - Zope Reference



        comment *

	var *

	if/else/unless *

	in *

	call *

	with *




    The Zope API

      Zope Internals *

        Object Traversal *

	Acquisition *

	  Implicit *

	  Explicit *

	Object Model *

	Object Database *

	Access Control

      Zope Products

        At the beginning: Main.py

	The Management Application

	Managing Products

	Creating Products in Zope

	DTML and Products

	An Item like Product

	A Folder like Product

       Zope Classes

    The Zope Object Encyclopedia

      DTML Methods - The Exception




	DTML Document



        Object Manager


	Find Support

    Property Sheets

    Indexing and Catalogs

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