[ZDP] Deprez 6

Shaw, Howard ShawH@STHS.org
Thu, 6 May 1999 13:55:12 -0500

Zen of Objects

All this sounds very well of course, but what are these objects, and how
hard are they to create? Well, you don't have to be 'wiz' in Python to
create objects... Even as you write a simple HTML page through the Zope
interface, without knowing it, you're creating an object. This HTML page
or shall we say object can be used (acquired) by other objects. At
least, if they are on the same level or deeper in the object hierarchy
as the object itself (Got the Zen :-) ?). Putting some simple DTML
scripting in your pages (objects) will allow you even to use the
benefits of Acquisition. From this point on, we speaking not of
HTML-pages, but of Zope Documents. 

Aside from Zope Documents, the most important building block is the Zope
Folder. A Folder is the most generic container, and can contain almost
anything, both objects, which have their own contents and attributes and
can be containers, and methods, which are like functions belonging to
the folder. All objects can have attributes, which are basically
'variables' which can be accessed from within documents, and which are
acquired as objects are, and can affect the content and layout of HTML
pages through use of DTML.

To conclude, we can say, when using Zope and fully understanding its Zen
(which is called Zen because no one can simply tell it to you, though we
try hard... you must experience it for yourself!) you're not building a
web site anymore. You're building an information structure!

Come on, did the list die or something? Where are you guys?
Howard Clinton Shaw III
St. Thomas High School