[ZDP] Is there a plan for ZDP?

Craig Allen cba@mediaone.net
Thu, 06 May 1999 22:57:21 -0400

I think that ultimately we're talking about quite a number of documents,
don't know if DocBook gets any easier with practice or whether it's
tedious every time.

While there are many times when I really like to have printed
documentation, seems like hypertext has some real advantages, if the
author(s) invest the time to do the marking up.  If DocBook can generate
HTML and PDF, that sounds good.

Seems like Zope would be a highly appropriate repository.  WebDAV would
be super for ZDP contributions, tho I expect many Zopistas aren't likely
to be using IE5 (could be way off on this one!).

- Craig

Philip Aylesworth wrote:
> There was some discussion about this previously. My vote is for DocBook,
> an SGML (soon to be XML) template. There is a steep learning curve but I
> think the life/usefullness of the documents would be greatly extended. I
> had not heard of DocBook until someone mentioned it here. Since then I
> have been reading and playing with DocBook and reading a lot about XML.
> It is pretty impressive stuff.
> I think I could find the time to format a document in DocBook and output
> HTML (and PDF if I can figure it out). I am looking for something to cut
> my DocBook teeth on!