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> >> 2. Going further with the things I had in mind : Z FrameWork....
> >
> >Tell us more.
> Well, Zope speaks about :
> Z Framework 
> But what is Z Framework exactly? It glues everything 
> together, but ...?
> Z Templates
> ???? It describes how an object is rendered? Zope speaks 
> about XML, HTML,
> ... but how can you say this object has to be rendered as 
> XML, ... I can
> only find Document Templates
> Z SQL Methods
> Z SQL Database Adapters
> I would like to give them a place and what they really are). 
> What do they
> do, where do they 'live'? How are they connected to each 
> other... Problem
> is... I'm not really sure that I know all thingies here, but I'll try.
> >
> >> 3. Has anybody seen the pic I've sended with the text? Do 
> you understand
> >> what I want to show? i.e. the whole working of Zope in one 
> pic.... Is it
> >> possible?
> >
> mm, it was inside the Zip-file I sended yesterday. But at the moment I
> think something already has to change.... I'm reading about Z 
> ORB and Z
> Publisher... It seems that the Z ORB is inside the Z 
> Publisher.... but that
> doesn't make sence (at least I think this). 
> I thought Z Publisher was made to do the following :
> 1. A layer between Zope and the 'other side'
> 2. with layer, I mean : pcgi, cgi, .... (although I don't know these
> protocols really exactly)
> 3. So, if a certain 'other side' e.g. Apache only works with a cgi or
> whatever. You could write this cgi and everything should work.
>  --> thus Z Publisher works like a translator. 
>  --> If you want to write a Z Publisher layer, you need to 
> know what you
> get from Zope and from the 'other side'. The ZPublisher makes 
> a translation.
> 4. If ORB is inside the Z Publisher, this means that you have 
> to rewrite
> ORB too.... and is ORB not always the same? i.e. translation 
> of an URL to
> Object Oriented?
> Please, can somebody explain this? 

ZPublisher is an ORB.  ORB is a pretty generic term, it's like saying
Mailer.  elm is a mailer, pine is a mailer, ZPublisher is an ORB.

The important function of the ORB is traversal.  The ORB takes a
request, and translates that request by walking down the object
heirarchy, into a method call of some form.

It is important to understand that ZPublisher is protocol independent.
Although most of the time HTTP is used, it is also possible to use FTP,
XML-RPC, and theoretically CORBA (although there is no current
implimentation of either XML-RPC or CORBA).

If you want to truely understand this, I would recomment reading:







for a truely intimate understanding of ZPublisher.


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