[ZDP] Structured text

Howard Clinton Shaw III shawh@sths.org
Mon, 10 May 1999 12:24:49 -0500

On Mon, 10 May 1999, Tom Deprez wrote:
> >The contents of a subchapter must be indented to the next level under
> >that subchapter.  You will need to put *two* levels of indentation in
> >your text to get the paragraphs to looks right.
> >
> >Structured text was meant to be written using Emacs indented-text-mode.
> >With any other editor, writing structured text is a pain.  With Emacs,
> >it's a breeze.  I would suggest looking into XEmacs.
> >
> >www.xemacs.org
> >
> Woops, is DC going to keep it that way? I just thought that structured text
> could give people with no knowledge of HTML to publish pages to Zope.
> XEmacs isn't a editor which you would give to people who don't know much
> about PC's and already find Word very frustrating....
> Is it possible to upload a word document into zope and then show it as a
> word document? 
> Tom.
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You can upload a word document just as any other file. If you upload it as a
'file' then I believe you are given the opportunity to set the mime-type. I
don't know what the correct one is, but browse IE and Netscape's list of
mime-types on a machine that has Word installed. It will probably be there. If
you set this, then a properly configured browser will respond to a click on the
item by pulling up word with the document.

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