[ZDP] Some Zope tutorial text

Martijn Faassen M.Faassen@vet.uu.nl
Wed, 12 May 1999 19:54:49 +0200

Rik Hoekstra wrote:
> Some organizatorial considerations about the ZDP
> - We are collaboratively working towards a FAQ, a CoolFAQ product, a book
> with meta information about the Zen of Zope and the Path To Enlightenment
> - There is already a host of material of tutorial and guidance qualities.
> - Everybody is working separately and in bursts (making a lot of material
> available at one time and then being silent for a long time after)
> - we have discussed the various ways of organizing the COOLFaq and come to
> the conclusion that there would need to be many ways to access the FAQ.
> Should this not also apply to the other pieces of information available (as
> far as they are under ZDP control at least). The documentation should serve
> many purposes:
> - introducing people
> - getting them started
> - guide them in developing a Zope site
> - help solving problems
> - serve as a reference
> Some people will want to read through the material as if it were a
> sequential text, but stay at a high level.
> Others will want to know everything about a single subject.
> Others will want examples they can plunder and adapt to their own needs.
> As may be read from the zdp-todo list I posted some weeks ago, the COOLFaq
> was already heading in that direction. So I propose to let's try and bring
> everything into the faq-line again - even if that is perhaps beyond the
> original FAQ idea. Or to be more precise: make self-contained pieces of
> information of different length, level of sophistication and orientation
> (meta info, examples etc), and make the COOLFaq mechanism (in development?
> yes?) glue them together.
> If not for anything else, this has at least the advantage that not everyone
> is working in a different direction as seems to be getting the case now.

I *should* read the list before responding myself. I said much the same
thing later. My excuse is that I've been busy recently.

Okay, let's use the CoolFAQ system to put our documentation in, with the
caveat that CoolFAQ is rapidly moving beyond just FAQness. Since CoolFAQ
allows us to stick metadata to information (questions, answers, or
alternatively 'titles' and 'contents') it should be flexible enough. Now
on to the actual implementation of CoolFAQ. How do we get started with
implementation? We have all the pieces...