[ZDP] sdf/simpledoc ?

Simon Michael simon@joyful.com
13 May 1999 20:43:12 -0700

Just came across this, haven't seen it mentioned here:


"SDF (Simple Document Format) is a freely available document
 development system which generates high quality outputs in a variety
 of formats from a single source. The output formats supported include
 HTML, PostScript, PDF, man pages, POD, LaTeX, SGML, MIF, RTF, Windows
 help and plain text."

"Unlike SGML, XML, HTML and many other markup languages, the SDF
 language has been designed to be author-friendly, rather than
 parser-friendly. As a result, most SDF documents look quite similar
 to plain text email, making them easy-to-write and easy-to-read."

The SSLeay faq uses it (http://www.psy.uq.edu.au/~ftp/Crypto/).

Also they seem to be working on a successor called SimpleDoc