[ZDP] Structure for ZDP site proposed

Martijn Faassen M.Faassen@vet.uu.nl
Fri, 14 May 1999 17:55:56 +0200

Rik Hoekstra wrote:
[Craig's proposal for structure snipped]

> Seems OK to me. Just a terrible lot of work. Would that mean all
> documentation is to be gathered on the ZDP site, or could there also
> be off site links?

I'd say we try to gather information on the ZDP site, excepting things
on the main Zope site (for now.. :). Initially I think we should have
the Zope site provide a clear link to the main ZDP entry point, and the
ZDP provides links back to relevant documentation pages on the Zope

If the ZDP works out in the future we can always think about integrating
the two.
> Now, how to get this working:
> I propose (as if I would have any authority) we officially adopt a
> scheme like this or something like it.

Okay, I've just given Craig access to the ZDP site. I suggest Craig
start a folder and represents his structure in it. When there's some
structure he posts back to the ZDP list. We start putting the docs in
(just ask here and someone who can will is I think the best initial
scheme). We of course also comment on it and change it wherever

After this, we have some experience documenting, and we might have some
good ideas on how to automate some of these tasks, as well as some
procedures and guidelines for the ZDP as a whole.

> Then, everyone who
> contributes any documentation indicates in what section or sections
> it belongs. Then the librarian or the document mapper or whoever
> else sees to it that it is incoroporated in a meaningful way. Does
> that make sense?

Yes, though to keep the development moving I propose the list itself is
for now the librarian or mapper. That is, if you want to contribute a
doc, ask on the list to get it contributed (or get a login yourself). If
you want to edit or change a doc, the same. The formal structures will
come into existence eventually.