[ZDP] It's there!

Tom Deprez Tom Deprez" <tom.deprez@village.uunet.be
Fri, 14 May 1999 20:12:23 +0200

: Tom Deprez wrote:
: >
: > Hi all!
: >
: > Here it is : http://gallery.uunet.be/Tom.Deprez/ (now Netscape
compatible :-))
: >
: Just to be Absolutely Clear: it'd be nice if you could put this on the
: ZDP site (perhaps we can put it in Craig's structure..Craig, what do you
: think?).

Sure, we'll put it on the ZDP site (I only wanted to keep this thing
alive... if we agree in which standard we're going to place it on ZDP, then
we place it on ZDP) ! Only one q'n : I would like to use some pieces for a
presentation (that's why I started it anyway) in may or june. So I hope I
still have the permission...

ZDP has many advantages for publishing this. So, we better decide how we're
going to do it!

: If Tom agrees we use it as the basis of a collaborative document of some
: sorts. Perhaps we should consider copyright licenses for this kind of
: thing. Perhaps Open Content is something? I should go read
: www.opencontent.org :) Though would this work in the light of our future
: bestseller on Zope? (getting a bit maniacal here :)

I agree.... making a publishable book (the first one of Zope...) nice, for
in my bookshelf :-)