[ZDP] It's there!

Craig Allen cba@mediaone.net
Fri, 14 May 1999 23:57:28 -0400

Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Just to be Absolutely Clear: it'd be nice if you could put this on the
> ZDP site (perhaps we can put it in Craig's structure..Craig, what do you
> think?).

I set up a skeleton, based on the structure I proposed a couple days ago, at
It contains only a single document of content, Tom's Zope page, which is cloned
at http://zdp.zope.org/guide/introduction/starting

There's no link from the ZDP home page until other folks look at it (plus it's
just a shell!)

Let's hear what folks think and then start populating it.  I think there's room
and need for some serious organizational and classification discussion, (or we
can charge ahead and assume there will be rework).

> If Tom agrees we use it as the basis of a collaborative document of some
> sorts. Perhaps we should consider copyright licenses for this kind of
> thing. Perhaps Open Content is something? I should go read
> www.opencontent.org :) Though would this work in the light of our future
> bestseller on Zope? (getting a bit maniacal here :)

I had that fantasy too, about would O'Reilly publish a collectively authored
work?  Then I realized - no publisher will be interested until they believe
they'll sell several thousand copies.  So let's spread the gospel, then we can
sell it!  Or give it away! :^)

- Craig
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