[ZDP] OpenContent issues

Philip Aylesworth zopelist@regalint.com
Mon, 17 May 1999 09:11:06 -0400

> So,  hypothetically lets say that O'Reilly publishes
> "The Zen of Zope" based on the work of the ZDP group.
> *Who gets the credit and ultimately the money?
> * Is the money put in a fund to support the ZDP site
>   and perhaps DigiCool and others for the use of
>   proprietary products such as ZTables?  Or is the
>   money distributed to the contributors?

I think a book would need an editor. I have never been involved in
publishing a book but I know how long my thesis took, so I think the
editor/author would get credit, money, etc. Zope would get increased

If several Zope books come out, then all editors/authors would have
access to ZDP and be able to use it as is or modified.

Books would be good for Zope. Maybe the author/publisher would even
allow electronic distribution of the book on ZDP!

I don't think any restrictions should be put on the use of content on
ZDP. After all is it any different if you use the information to write a
book or to create a billion dollar web portal? :)

Just my 2 cents!

Phil A