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Michel Pelletier michel@digicool.com
Mon, 17 May 1999 17:13:44 -0400

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> > So,  hypothetically lets say that O'Reilly publishes
> > "The Zen of Zope" based on the work of the ZDP group.

"The Zen of Zope" is copyright, 1998 by Michel Pelletier.  I give
permission to the ZDP project to use and publish the outline I posted
and any other content I post publicly to the list, the title, however, I
reserve the right to.

> > 
> > *Who gets the credit and ultimately the money?
> > * Is the money put in a fund to support the ZDP site
> >   and perhaps DigiCool and others for the use of
> >   proprietary products such as ZTables?  Or is the
> >   money distributed to the contributors?
> > 
> I think a book would need an editor. I have never been involved in
> publishing a book but I know how long my thesis took, so I think the
> editor/author would get credit, money, etc. Zope would get increased
> exposure/mindshare.

Publishers will typicaly want total editorial control.

> If several Zope books come out, then all editors/authors would have
> access to ZDP and be able to use it as is or modified.

This depends on the "content license" of the zdp site.  The OpenContent
license may have restrictions on that broad of a claim.

> Books would be good for Zope. Maybe the author/publisher would even
> allow electronic distribution of the book on ZDP!
> I don't think any restrictions should be put on the use of content on
> ZDP. After all is it any different if you use the information 
> to write a
> book or to create a billion dollar web portal? :)

I agree.


> Just my 2 cents!
> Phil A
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