[ZDP] OpenContent issues

David Ascher da@ski.org
Mon, 17 May 1999 14:30:23 -0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

On Mon, 17 May 1999, Michel Pelletier wrote:
> > > So,  hypothetically lets say that O'Reilly publishes
> > > "The Zen of Zope" based on the work of the ZDP group.

I just got back from a weeklong conference, so the first thing I did when
I got to my computer is to delete 95% of the emails in my inbox.  I just
noticed that there was a discussion re: a Zope book. 

Let me say a couple of things re: Zope & books, as a Zope newbie but
supporter, and (more relevantly), as the co-author of Learning Python
(which, BTW, mentions Zope twice =).

1) At least one person at O'Reilly with a fair bit of influence (Frank
   Willison, editor-in-chief) is aware of, and interested in, Zope.  He
   was at IPC when Paul announced the OpenSourcing of Principia, and he's
   a keen observer of these issues.  Other folks related to ORA also pay
   attention to Zope.

2) I got the vague impression from some DC folks that there were thoughts
   a long time ago re: a Zope book.  I don't have any specifics.  Ask
   someone with a @digicool.com address =).

3) On the topic of control -- I can't speak for all publishers or all book
   projects, but O'Reilly's purpose is to provide editorial *assistance*
   to the most technically competent writers in a given field.  They will
   point out style and writing issues at a variety of scales, but they
   aren't dictatorial in their advice (at least in my experience -- I'm
   sure that one could kill a book project with the properly chosen 
   inflammatory words =).  They are also keenly aware of Open Source and
   related issues re: ownership (which is a slightly different issue than

Based on the above three points, I'd suggest y'all contact Frank Willison
(frank@oreilly.com), to find out his thoughts on the topic.  You don't
have to have a detailed plan to ask him what he's thinkin about.

I'll be glad to answer questions re: dealing with ORA if any of you have
specific ideas, and give advice if advice is requested. =)


PS: as a Zope newbie, I could really use a Zope book.  I also think that
    there are several Zope books out there that need to be written, but
    starting with one is a good first step.