[ZDP] Netscape key bindings

Craig Allen cba@mediaone.net
Mon, 17 May 1999 23:41:09 -0400

Amazing that it took me several years to discover this, but I never realized
that under Linux, anyway, Netscape uses many of the useful emacs key bindings.  
That means that working in the /manage screens editing HTML and DTML can be much
more efficient.  Obviously it's a small subset but significant.  
Here's what seemed to work:
Cursor movement:
C-f move forward one char
C-b move back one char
C-p move to previous line
C-n move to next line
M-f move forward one word
M-b move back one word
C-a move to beginning of line
C-e move to end of line
C-v scroll forward one "page"
M-> move to end of text
M-< move to start of text
C-d delete char
M-d delete word cursor is in
C-k delete to end of line
C-w delete from mark to current cursor location
set mark:
C-@ (actually C-2 works) set mark
C-space set mark

Go ahead, laugh, but it was a revelation to me so I thought I'd share it :-)
- Craig
Craig Allen  - Managing Partner - Mutual Alchemy
Information Architecture - http://alchemy.nu