[ZDP] 'ZBook'

Martijn Pieters mj@antraciet.nl
Tue, 18 May 1999 10:19:43 +0200

At 00:25 18/05/99 , Tom Deprez wrote:
>Hi all,
>Ok, I've modified our draft copy of the introduction part of 'ZBook'. Now, a
>tree will help you to navigate through the book.
>Please, read it's contents and send corrections, additions, ideas to the ZDP
>list or make modifications yourself. Thanks!
>You can find it at
>PS. The tree has some malfications at the moment :-(. Some folders are
>recognised as DTML documents, but thats probably because my knowledge of
>DTML isn't so good. Maybe you can correct it, Martijn Pieters? Thanks. PS.
>How can I hide the index_html pages from the tree? (not by removing them,
>because they might come in handy some day)
>Greetings, Tom Deprez.
>Enjoy the reading and I hope others get the writing bug too...

The menu is fixed now.

As all index_html documents did not contain anything anyway, I deleted 
them. I also excluded DTML Methods from the tree, so in the future, any 
DTML Method added in the structure won't be shown in the tree.

The folder problem is also sorted. You tested wether or not an object had 
sub-objects of type 'Folder', instead of testing wether the object itself 
was of type 'Folder'.

Next thing I did was to reuse the book GIFs from the Help System, instead 
of using copies. Saves recourses. If we are going to use our own icons, we 
can always change these. I also changed zb_menu to not use a 
standard_html_header and standard_html_footer, because that sort of thing 
is not used anyway.

I think you should either move the menu frame to the left side of the 
screen, or eliminate frames altogether and move the menu into a table 
structure in the standard_html_header. You can keep the tree in it's 
current state between pages by passing along the tree-s variable (and, if 
present, the tree-c and tree-e vars too) in the URL, like so:

<A HREF="<!--#var 
tree-item-url-->?tree-s=<!--#var tree-s--><!--#if tree-e-->&tree-e=<!--#var 
tree-e--><!--#/if--><!--#if tree-c-->&tree-c=<!--#var tree-c--><!--#/if-->">

All one one line..... Nice piece of code eh?

I wanted to make an example of this within a Session, but forgot to join it 
=(. So now the real version has been converted to a table layout.... If you 
want to turn it back, let me know, and I'll undo all changes. Feel free to 
kill me. Sorry.

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