[ZDP] OpenContent issues

Robert O'Connor Robert O'Connor" <bob@rocnet.com
Tue, 18 May 1999 09:49:36 -0400

Jimmie wrote:

> Some thoughts about solutions.
> Alot of what happens is someone comes up with some documentation and posts
> it to the list. From that point it is read modified, corrected, etc. by
> alot of people. If the documents creator would initially place this
> document under "Open Content" just like "Open Source" and "GPL" have their
> licenses clearly placed in the beginning of the document, then all future
> collaborators would be understand the legal position of the document. This
> would explicitly state a documents license and hopefully avoid any of the
> above issues.

Another way to avoid putting "Open Content...." at the beginning of
EVERY document: Put a public notice on the ZDP
home page:  "All documents licenced as Open Content....
Unless otherwise noted....etc"

and since contributions are made thru the ZDP list,  The footer at
the end of EVERY message can be modified to also say:
"Open Content..bla bla bla.".   (Footers are automatically generated).

What I'm suggesting is to avoid clutter in the documents --
Just the meat -- no packaging!

-Bob OConnor bob@rocnet.com