[ZDP] OpenContent issues

Martijn Faassen M.Faassen@vet.uu.nl
Tue, 18 May 1999 16:45:44 +0200

Jimmie Houchin wrote:
> At 5:13 PM -0400 5/17/99, Michel Pelletier wrote:

> >"The Zen of Zope" is copyright, 1998 by Michel Pelletier.

[Jimmie notes how this might not be a copyright]

It might be trademarked, I think, but not copyrighted. I mean, if
Microsoft can trademark 'Where do you want to go today?' (which is a
perfectly possible English sentence that can occur even in day to day
communication, for instance during a holiday or whatever), then Digicool
can certainly trademark something like 'Zen of Zope', which is unlikely
to occur in any non-Zope context. :)

> However, we are a community here, and we as a community can agree to not
> use your title for any works which procede from here.
> I can't speak for the community but as a member of such, I hereby agree.

Well, as another member of this community I agree too. Let's call our
documentation effort the Zope Documentation Project until we come up
with better titles. :)